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Termites in the Human Diet

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In many cultures, termites (particularly the winged ones known as alates) are used for food. The alates are nutritious, having a good store of fat and protein, and are palatable in most species with a nutty flavour when cooked. They are easily gathered at the beginning of the rainy season in West, Central and Southern Africa when they swarm, as they are attracted to lights and can be gathered up when they land on nets put up around a lamp. The wings are shed and can be removed by a technique similar to winnowing. They are best gently roasted on a hot plate or lightly fried until slightly crisp; oil is not usually needed since their bodies are naturally high in oil. Traditionally they make a welcome treat at the beginning of the rainy season when livestock is lean, new crops have not yet produced food, and stored produce from the previous growing season is running low.

They are also eaten in Indonesia, including Central Java, where they are roasted or fried.

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Recent tweets

I began working on this project about a month ago. However the writing won’t start till my online classes are finished next month. Until then I have been using twitter to formulate some thoughts and get the buzz going on what I am doing. My idea for twitter is fusing exterminating with faith.

Some people have actually been surprised when I would tweet and use scripture. They actually look up the scripture references and see truth. They have actually been surprised at how well I have mashed the two. Funny, I have too. I’m not sure if you follow me on twitter. But I wanted to post some of my tweets on this blog and give you an opportunity to vote on your favorite. Why? Just for fun. And to show you what I’ve been tweeting as well. I think they are quite good and inspired.

So let’s tweet… again.

  • Just wrapped up a 3 hour treatment on an apartment complex for pharaoh ants. I told them to let the tenants go!
  • I have some termite inspections to do today. Wonder when the last time you allowed God to inspect for termites in you? Psalm 139:23-24
  • Jesus is the best pesticide for the bugs in your life.
  • I just saw a church sign that read “God takes a little and makes it mulch”. He’s just providing harborage for His little ones.
  • I just treated an outhouse for termites. There’s gotta be some kind of spiritual insight in that somewhere.
  • My pastor said I was mutilating God’s creation. I love it when he encourages me! 🙂
  • Had lunch with a competitor pest company tech. That’s what I’ll be talking about in chapter 4, fighting against evil spirits, not people.
  • “The temple of truth has never suffered so much from woodpeckers on the outside as from termites within.” Vance Havner
  • Did You Know: a wasp’s sting is worse than death’s? 1 Corinthians 15:55-57
  • I’m working near the airport today. Can’t help but whistle I’ll Fly Away while I work.
  • About to go under a house for a while. Reckon I’ll find the rich man in there begging for a drop of water? Luke 16:19-31
  • I can’t help to sing Love is Here when I pull up to a termite account. @tenthavenorth would be proud of me. 😉
  • Just made some coffee at LD (lethal dose) 355. That’s enough to kill a rat! Very nice!

This is just some of what I’ve been tweeting lately. You can follow me at So which is your favorite?

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