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Lead By Serving

Today I had the opportunity to see servant leadership in practice. I was drilling holes at a Kingdom Hall and the maintenance guy there was sitting and watching. He decided to get up and help. He displayed such servant-hood by sweeping up the concrete dust I was creating by drilling holes in the slab.

I know this might seem minor but to me it was a major detail. Firstly, I hate sweeping that dust up. It gets everywhere and it’s difficult to get it all up. Secondly, he didn’t have to. He was paying me to do the work. But he chose to help out. This is what it means to serve and by serving you become a leader. You demonstrate leadership by taking care of the necessities without being told and doing the work that’s not yours to do but you understand the “see a need fill a need” statement.

This is the epitome of Jesus’ point in his parable on humility. In Luke 14:7-11, it he says don’t sit at the head of the table. If someone more distinguished than you comes, the host will move you to the furthest seat. Yet sit at the back of the table so the host might honor you by moving you to a better seat.

11 For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Isn’t it true that you are led by those who tend to get their hands dirty rather than those who tend to look down on you as the grunt. I have a pastor who’s not afraid to clean the toilets at church. I’ll follow. I have a boss who’s not afraid to climb under a house. I’ll follow. I have friends who’s not afraid to pray in public. I’ll follow. I have a wife who’s not afraid to put her family’s needs before hers. I’ll follow.

If you’re a leader, I’m more apt to follow if your more likely to get dirty!


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Not Gonna Work Here Anymore, Anyway

I was at a customer’s house doing a treatment for termites. They had a cellar/basement so the only way to get my hose to the treating area was to run it through the house. I hate doing that but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.

While I was walking through I started talking to the fellow but he cut me off and started talking about something random; something about insurance. I told him I had no clue what he was talking about and then he shushed me off. After I walked past him I realized he wasn’t talking to me at all. He had one of those ear bud things in his ear and he was working from home.

Later I began to ask him a question and apologized to him because I realized he was working. He  apologized to me as well because he saw that I had a question and that I was working too.

Stop the train. He caught me off guard by telling me I was working too. Yeah he was right but something clicked inside and threw me for a loop. Something I didn’t realize.

I was working.

I mean I know I was at work, but I have convinced myself to the point that I am a servant serving. He caught me off guard by calling my service work. I was taken back for a moment because in this world a lot of times things look like work when they are really just serving.

I know sometimes I feel like I am in a thankless job and customers couldn’t care less that I am crawling in the mess under their house. “That’s my job, that’s what I do!” But I have altered my way of thinking I am a servant to my customers. I am there to serve them. They think it’s work. I think is serving.

I think the world would be a better place if folks would learn to serve one another. Work became service. Meaning we actually care about the outcome of our doing. The end result is full of consideration and effort, thought and attention. It is no longer an 8 hour day. It becomes a ministry not really in the religious aspect. But more in the aspect of administering to someone’s need.

Mark 9:35

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

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Serving Ain’t So Bad

Today I was unaware that the termite treatment I would be doing was a very large job. On graph it looked like a normal job that might be finished by 2 or 3 o’ clock. what I didn’t know was that the customer wanted me to go above and beyond standard treatment requirements.

I won’t go into details on the extra work I was asked by the customer to do. I will say he was an older gentlemen and did not have the information and knowledge to know that the newer chemicals did not require the work the older chemicals had required for years. His expectation was for me to treat his house under old chemical label standards. Of course I tried to convince him otherwise but he wouldn’t have it. So under my breath I argued that this was gonna be a long day.

I was not happy that I had to do twice the work when it was not needed. I commenced to doing as he asked and I worked ten hours to treat his house. After I was done, he told me I had done a great job and he had appreciated my attitude. I’m not sure who or what he was talking about because I will admit I had a very bad attitude knowing I was doing more work than required.

He told me because of my good work, that he would have our company do all his work from now on and that he would only have me do the work. If I was busy he would wait on me to finish so that he could have only me do the work he would need in the future.

So as I drove away I came away with two thoughts on my whole situation today.

1. Although state requirements are stated and labels are written, going above and beyond your minimum requirements is a great way to serve. I’m reminded where Jesus told the pharisees to render unto Caesar what his and render unto God what’s His. As long as going above and beyond does not go against God’s (state’s) requirements it’s ok to do more than required. This is called having a servant’s heart. So render unto the customer as much as they want, just don’t go against what God requires.

2. Sometimes we NEED to be urged or even commanded to do something to realize it’s not all that bad. Like a child being told to at least try food before saying they don’t like it. I used to be a rather selfish person. So in God’s crazy humor, he placed me into a service oriented business so I may learn to be a servant. I’m not saying everyone needs to be forced but I know I need to be. Many times I’ve found that some things really aren’t that bad if I’m made to do something, then realize that wasn’t all that bad.

So what do you think. Is there something that you were forced to do and realize it wasn’t all that bad? Have you ever had a poor attitude about something to either be made to feel low by the one you were being crabby with or to realize it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was?

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