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It’s Alright To Be Little Bitty

Today I got called out to an account that we had been having problems with ants all summer. the customer wasn’t upset she had been paying for pest control and not getting any relief. Upon arrival, I walked into her kitchen and found quite a few ants invading her counters.

When I get called to an ant account, I literally like to sit and watch them. I’ve found many of hideouts and entrances by just observing. One lady couldn’t understand why she had ants going over her door way into her cabinets where the M&Ms were but I found out why by sitting and observing their trailing. They weren’t coming from the outside. They were shacked up in a potted plant sitting on her microwave. Problem solved.

So this account, I just sat there. Finally they showed me where they were entering. Between the stove and the counter, I followed them half way down the wall and then they tucked in behind the counter where I couldn’t access. So I went outside and found two trails. One coming from a tree branch and the other coming up from a bird bath leaned against her house.

After further investigating, I found they were beginning to group up underneath the vinyl. I baited all areas outside and used phantom aerosol on the inside. Problem solved. Here’s a short video I took to show the customer what I had found and how I treated. I edited a little to make it fun for the blog.


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