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Defeating Anger

The surest means of disarming anger is to turn your attention from the insult and examine the passion itself. The surest way of spoiling a pleasure is to start examining your satisfaction. -C.S. Lewis

I have found I can be a very angry person if I let it overtake me. Little things really get me upset. Getting damp but not wet, running low on gas, getting a kink in my hose at work, dirt on my hands, shoes coming untied are just a few of the small things I sweat. Abraham Lincoln once said it’s ridiculous to get upset at inanimate objects. He’s so right.

C.S. Lewis put it wisely when he said it’s best to examine our passion instead of the object. When we get mad, try not focusing on what made you mad but really examine why you are mad in the first place. Is it really worth the anger you pent-up? Is the passion you fuel worth the time you invest?

I believe that when we examine the passion of anger, we realize it’s not just a waste of time and energy, it’s also ridiculous to allow something to control us so easily. The next time you feel something bothering you to the point of steaming, try analyzing the passion instead of the object that pushed you to it. Because you realize that what angered you controlled you. That’s something to be bothered about.


June 23, 2011 - Posted by | devotion

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