Faith Debugged

Spiritual Insights from an Exterminator

An Exterminator’s April Fool’s

The office sure knows how to play April Fool’s. The secretaries decided to tape change to the floor so when someone walked by and saw the change, they’d try to pick it up but it would be taped to the floor. They didn’t glue them because they didn’t want them to be permanent.

So to get them back, we have some spider specimens in a case and the boss man told one of the techs to get the biggest spider and put it in the file cabinet on the “E” folders. He later asked the secretary to grab for him John Elles’ file. She did and she also screamed and almost crapped her pants before learning it was dead.

I like watching everyone play April Fool’s but I’m not a big advocate myself. I can’t take a joke very well. Even if I could, I suck at pay backs.

Fun stuff.

What did you do, if anything, for April Fool’s?


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