Faith Debugged

Spiritual Insights from an Exterminator

Points Class

Yesterday I attended a points class. These are always enjoyable for one reason. I get out of work. Other than that I can’t stand points class. Doing ministry with soldiers, they have a phrase that can easily be equatable to the pest control industry.

“Death by PowerPoint”

I also quite sure that chemical companies find the least dynamic speakers to teach about habits and anatomy of bugs. Some read directly from their power point notes. Others try to be entertaining but hardly come close. Thankfully today the only thing they had going for them were a good lunch. They served sirloin, cheesy taters, slaw, and sweet tea.

8 hours spent listening to everything from laws and regulations to anatomy and feeding habits, to safety procedures and customer service. Sounds like a blast? Not really. But it sure beats crawling around under a house and working in 20 degree weather.

Getting taught

Getting bored

Getting fed




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