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Spiritual Insights from an Exterminator

Dirty Jobs


Where there’s work, there’s gonna be dirt


I thought these very words as I treated a house for termites. The lady was very particular on not having any dirt tracked into her basement as I treated her front porch. I understand this concept but not on a rainy day where she insisted that I treat her house on such a mucky day. I wanted to reschedule but she had a different idea. She wanted her house treated. She was adamant about it too. It was a little aggravating knowing what was gonna happen and I knew she didn’t want that. On top of that, she left me with little room to work under her porch. A job that had been scheduled for a week and she couldn’t clean out her stuff so I could have room to work.

I’m not sure how customers can think that if there is gonna be work involved a mess is not gonna be made. If a drill is gonna be used, dust will be created. If it’s raining outside, mud will happen. If chemicals are being used, a drip will occur. It’s inevitable, where there’s work, there’s gonna be dirt.

I think the christian life is a lot of work and where there’s work… well you’re getting it. When we were born, we were born into sin. Yeah I used the “s” word. That’s for another chapter in my book. I digress. After birth, the world began its duty of molding us into the clay pot it wants us to be. We learn how to be stingy, selfish, angry, manipulative, argumentative, deceitful, money hungry, and lovers of the flesh.

After receiving the knowledge of salvation through Christ Jesus, he robes us with righteousness, and begins the sanctification process on our lives to shatter what the world previously molded. This creates dust, and dirt, and pain that we don’t like. It hurts to have God begin a work in us and continue that work till the Day of the Lord. (Phil. 1:6) This work never stops until we are perfected in the presence of God. Until then God works in us to break us of all impurities and He begins to mold us to His ways so that we become a beautiful piece of pottery that He may boast in His creation and through His creation He may receive glory.

We are each being molded into perfection. We should consider one another as we “work” together to understand that some parts aren’t broken yet, some parts are being broken, some parts are already broken and being molded, in which case some parts are farther along than others in the molding process. God is working on each and every one of us. May we remember the work that is being put into us and consider where there is work, there’s gonna be dirt!


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